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The Babiis! 
2nd-Mar-2013 02:20 pm

Ruby Babii is a Romance Sim who wants to become an artistic visionary as her lifetime want.  She also wants to meet someone new, become a slacker, have woohoo, and become a private eye.  Which of those things do you think she will actually have happen?

Lucas Babii is a Knowledge Sim who wants to achieve his lifetime dream of maxing out 7 skills.

Lucas takes this job to start earning some money.

Ruby gets her first wish rather quickly.

These two can't keep their hands off each other.

And it almost kills Ruby.

And for some strange reason Lucas gets really excited about a wolfy fight.

Baby bump!

Even though she's preggers, Ruby finds a job in art.

Lucas finds a better paying job since there will soon be another mouth to feed.

Not unless he wants Ruby to bust his chops!

In true Sim fashion Ruby gives birth in the bathroom.

To twins.  *sigh*

While Lucas grabs a promotion, Ruby grabs some help.


Double vision?  No.  Twin 2 birthday.


That bath simply could not wait.  Not. One. More. Minute.
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